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Where the wild cookies are!


An international network of wild minds to solve wicked problems.

Forecasting Innovation

Embodied Creative Leadership

Relationships & Organizational Design

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Great Things Can Happen

Unleash the potential of your business with Wild Cookie! Our professional business consultants are here to help you make the most of your team's creative power. We believe great things can happen when the body intelligence of your creatives is harnessed. Experience the difference Wild Cookie can make today!


What We Offer

At Wild Cookie, we believe in the power of collaboration and connection to bring about real and lasting change. We offer business consulting services that are rooted in the belief that when wild minds come together, they can solve any problem.

Future Glitch

A blueprint to feel the future

Wild Cookie Business Consulting offers an innovative approach to helping organizations reach their full potential. With the Calm Magic Embodied Creative Leadership framework as a backbone, your company will be equipped with the necessary tools to take its transformation journey to the next level.

Objets aléatoires

Tools & Practices to solve Wicked Problems

At Wild Cookie, our expert business consultants help unlock the power of innovative thinking to tackle the most complex business issues. Our comprehensive suite of tools and practices are designed to approach and solve wicked problems, allowing your organization to maximize its potential.

tambour tribal

International Network

We are an international network of  Relational Artists, Designers and professionals who are passionate about creating innovative and creative solutions. Our team has experience in a variety of industries and we strive to bring our collective knowledge and expertise to each project. Wild Cookie is your partner in tackling the wicked problems that face businesses today.

Couple lors d'un événement

Happenings & Residences meet Organizational Design

With their innovative Transformation Design approach, which combines Organizational Design with Interaction Design and Relational Arts, Wild Cookie is able to provide the most comprehensive consulting services, the unique Residences and Happeningss to help maximize and optimize your business strategy.

Do you know who are your wild cookies ?

Wild Cookie provides expert business consulting services to help catalyze success in your company. Our expert coaches are trained and tooled to discover the unique wild cookies of your company to allow for agile growth and scalability.

Atypical Thinkers




What Our Clients Say

“ One of the best thinker I have ever met ”

Martin Gauthier
Sid Lee

“These are Wild Cookies and they are helping us feel the future.”

Caroline Simard
Vice-présidente, gouvernance OACIQ

“Their design thinking is simply unmatched.  Key influencers in my career by being great motivators and user experience mentors.”

Marc-André Véronneau
Head of Product Design LANDR

Get Ready to feel the future and design your transformation

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